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Eunice Magagula Goes On Well-Deserved Retirement

After 30 years of service at the Chamber, Eunice has finally retired. The 7th floor, where the JCCI seminars, missions, meetings and AGMs are held, was her domain. She took enormous pride in the presentation of the refreshments and food served and in ensuring that visitors felt acknowledged and cared for. She was as dependable as the sunrise - through all the years, even during the troubled times when the townships were in
uproar, Eunice never missed a day and was never late.

Her two sons had the best possible example of steadfast parenting through thick and thin. Eunice always emphasised that she was supported in all aspects of her life by her strong faith. At her farewell tea, her colleagues took the opportunity to tell her how much she had been valued and appreciated as a truly worthwhile human being.

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