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JCCI Promoting International Trade

The Chamber is a key player in promoting and facilitating international trade within Africa and internationally. As an impartial third party, we can negotiate contracts and secure funding for projects that benefit its membership.

Incoming missions

Trade missions and visiting business executives from overseas seeking buying or selling opportunities, use the Chamber as their point of contact with local businesses. We arrange appointments and set up presentations on how to do business with various countries.

Upcoming Trade Workshops
The Belt and Road Initiative: 16 May 2018
Angola Business Breakfast: 30 May 2018
Zimbabwe Business Breakfast: 15 Aug 2018
Africa 2019 Business Breakfast: 07 Nov 2018
Outgoing missions

Chamber-led trade missions open doors to new markets for members. The Chamber uses its credibility and international reputation to set up appointments with the senior executives of potential client companies in the countries visited.

Participants may qualify for financial support in terms of the Department of Trade & Industry Export Marketing and Investment Assistance Scheme (EMIA).


We assist members with information on local and international exhibitions. The Global Business Accelerator / JCCI SME Export Incubator A launchpad for SME exporters wanting to get their product or service into foreign markets.

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Trade Documentation

Certificates of Origin and other documents are certified according to standards set by the International Chamber of Commerce.

JCCI has for decades issued manual Certificates of Origin. The Chamber now has an additional option to
offer exporters - electronic Certificates. To ensure that JCCI remains at the cutting edge of developments in the international trade arena, the Chamber has acquired an eCertify system that has been extensively tested in other countries and is widely accepted.

The advantage of using the eCertify system is that it is less time-consuming to prepare the documentation, saves courier time and money, it is quick and immediate, can be done outside normal office hours and it saves reams of paper.

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