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Ntombizovuyo Gumede - Brighten Up Your Mind And Body

Ntombizovuyo (a.k.a. Vuyo) Gumede, owner of Sphile Holdings

Sphile Holdings is a legally registered entity that is 100% BBBEE owned by a black South African woman, Ntombizovuyo (known as Vuyo) Gumede.

The company's vision is to supply the whole African continent market with quality energy drink at reasonable prices to keep Africans strong and fit.

Sphile Holdings' mission is to serve people by providing quality, tasty and effective energy drinks in an appetising package.

Sphile Holdings is a supplier of Cheetah Megabite Energy Drink, which is positioned at the high end of the market in terms of both quality and price. Currently, Cheetah Megabite Energy Drink has three main flavours namely, Icy Berry, Fizzy Original and Zero Sugar. The flagship flavour is Icy Berry popularly known for its uniqueness, freshness and the quality ingredients of different berries. The products' ingredients are from high quality sources with international standard certifications to ensure quality and satisfaction.

Cheetah Megabite Energy Drink is Halaal and free of animalderived ingredients.

"We have a footprint in Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, and Eastern Cape and are supplying a number of outlets," says Gumede.

T: 084 813 7035 / 082 457 5487
E: vuyo@sphileholdings.co.za
W: www.sphileholdings.co.za

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