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Nomsa Mdlalose - A Story Telling Hub

Nomsa Mdlalose, Owner of Zintsomi CC

Zintsomi is a storytelling hub that specialises in storytelling and training. Zintsomi nurtures, promotes and places trained storytellers in relevant positions in the workplace.

In addition, the hub creates storytelling products and services for children and adults interested in African stories.

Zintsomi is a female, black owned company that is committed to the principles behind Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment and actively promotes the advancement of women and youth.

Zintsomi is the brainchild of Nomsa Mdlalose, a pioneer in the art of storytelling. Mdlalose has a background in drama, creative writing, journalism, and storytelling. She has a Masters Degree in Storytelling from East Tennessee State University and has trained storytellers to participate in art and cultural festivals locally and internationally.

Her vision is to train and educate through the art of storytelling. Consequently, she has been vital in the establishment of the Kwesukela Storytelling Academy, which is based in Braamfontein. Mdlalose's goals are to produce, market and secure employment for professional storytellers who have had previous formal storytelling training.

In addition, she intends to create a mutually beneficial working relationship between writers and storytellers by developing a vibrant writing incubator that will write, publish, and develop stories for radio, television, print and other electronic media.

Zintsomi has various original storybooks for children. There are currently five isiZulu language titles and each title has been translated into English, Afrikaans and Setswana.

An important focus of the incubator will be in making a living while capturing, recording and distributing ancient and contemporary African folk tales, histories, and other stories.

These goals will also ensure that Zintsomi contributes to the academic and intellectual growth of the local and international storytelling information base and create networks for the distribution and sharing of this information.

T: 076 909 7107
E: info@zintsomi.co.za
W: www.zintsomi.co.za

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