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Pascal Damoyi - Look Beautiful And Smell Good

Pascal Damoyi, Founder, Yellow Green Lifestyle Cosmetic

Yellow Green Lifestyle and Cosmetics based in Wynberg, north of Johannesburg, is a 100% BEE company started by Pascal Damoyi in 2013.

The company manufactures body and hair care products using choice, natural ingredients. The growing product list includes body care: tissue oil and skin toner combined with state-of-theart innovations in ingredient technology and in line with the latest consumer trends. Damoyi is working on adding body soap and sanitiser to the range.

The hair care range includes nourishing shampoo and conditioner.

Damoyi grew up in Alexandra Township and has a background in media, advertising and film production. He says, "I have always been creative. I love the arts and fashion, so cosmetics was a natural extension for me."

He adds that his passion for cosmetics dates back to when he was a youngster. "I loved to look beautiful and smell good. This fact has resulted in my value proposition for my business, that is ensuring that my customers, 'Look Beautiful and Smell Good'."

Damoyi has sub-contracted his manufacturing to a reputable firm but is hoping to have his own facilities before the end of year. Yellow Green Lifestyle and Cosmetics started small and Damoyi now employs four people; three full time and one casual.

The company has two distribution points in Alexandra Township; from his store and in the township.

Global Player
The company's vision is to be an exporter of cosmetic products, with the African continent as a primary target market. Damoyi has a memorandum of understanding in Ghana where he hopes to set up a distribution point before the end of year. He sees Ghana as a gateway to the rest of Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) region.

Damoyi has also been in Botswana and has engaged with the markets in the hope of setting up shop there as well.

Through the Department of Trade & Industry (the dti), Damoyi has also travelled to other parts of the world, namely Vietnam, Singapore, India and the Philippines.

Of his travels he says, "I wish to thank the dti for the exposure it gave me. This sector is huge and contributes a large percentage to the GDP. I have seen it even globally. I also wish to thank the JCCI Incubation Programme which helped me with its training and prepared me thoroughly in how to engage these markets.

I would have made a lot of mistakes if I did not undertake this course. Now I am ready to hit the market running."

C: 084 0547964
T: 011 048 7568 6
E: info@yellowgreen.co.za
W: www.yellowgreen.co.za

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