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Anita Morar - Top Quality Chillies

Kadipore Farms CC, specialising in the production of top quality chillies, is run by the Morar family.

"Kadipore Farms was started in the summer season of 1995 by mistake," says Anita Morar. At that time Anita's husband, Dilip Morar, was a member of the local co-operative in the area.

"He went to a meeting and came back with 300 chilli plants." Anita explained further, "That afternoon we dug the fields with one gardener and planted the seedlings."

When the chillies were ready for the marketplace, the Morars started selling door to door and also sold the produce at local flea markets.

At present Kadipore Farms CC is a family business. Dilip Morar looks after the production of the chillies and other crops. Anita Morar takes care of the orders and the pack shed duties. All produce that is harvested or delivered is cleaned and packed as per each customer's requirements.

Their sons are also involved. Jasveer Morar does the deliveries and marketing of the business while Bhavesh Morar does the capturing of invoices.

This season 50 000 seedlings will be planted on 1.5 hectares of land. The business now employs 11 permanent workers. Anita says, "All workers are trained from the beginning to ensure that they become confident about the tasks they are given."

Kadipore Farms is now also involved with one community in growing of the chillies and plans to add another community by the next season.

Anita says, "Farming is not a cool career. To be a good farmer you need the support of your family. You have to be dedicated to the farm. It is hard work and requires perseverance. Success is nothing but a few disciplines practiced daily."

Kadipore Farms CC is a participant in the Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry Export Incubator Programme.

"This is also an ongoing process, we are still learning and should start exporting various chilli products in the near future, explained Anita.

"My gratitude to the Almighty. My family members and my mentors and customers who helped in making Kadipore Farms CC a success."

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