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James van den Berg : Bafundise Skills – Effective Discipline Skills

Bafundise Skills is proud to bring our Johannesburg based clients’ public workshops on:
1. Managing poor performance and misconduct
2. Investigating, preparing, leading and presenting disciplinary case
3. Chairing disciplinary hearings.

The need for discipline is a common occurrence in the workplace and is often part of the manager’s daily functions. However, employees and employers alike are entitled to ensure that fair labour practices are implemented in the workplace.

The workshops’ facilitator James van den Berg has several years’ experience of being fully responsible for all human resource related functions in big corporate companies.

His responsibilities included industrial relations, recruitment and selection, as well as personnel administration. James was responsible for national and local union negotiations, training, skills development programmes, corporate structuring and organisation performance
management, communications and payroll. He has been consulting for small and medium sized enterprises across the entire employment spectrum for more than 10 years. James has represented companies with great success at Bargaining Councils, the CCMA and Industrial Court.

Effective Discipline Part 1 (2 November 2017) is a general introduction to discipline, and
assists delegates to manage poor performance as well misconduct through discipline and other

Effective Discipline Part 2, (3 November 2017) is closely aligned with Part 1 and is presented separately to enable those who cannot be away from work more than one day at a time, to attend the training. Part 2 deals with the importance of investigating disciplinary issues beforehand, deciding if disciplinary action is warranted, formulating appropriate charges and initiating disciplinary procedures. Delegates are guided to evaluate evidence,
use witnesses, and prove the charges made.

Effective Discipline Part 3 (20th and 21st November) will focus on chairing disciplinary hearings, procedural and substantive fairness, basic labour legislation and disciplinary codes. Guidelines and checklists are provided to ensure compliance and the effective implementation of disciplinary action.

Part 1 & 2 should be attended supervisors and middle managers who deal with day to day discipline, as well as HR and IR managers, shop stewards and union representatives. Part 3
is intended for those who have wider experience of discipline or have completed Part 2, senior managers who may have to chair disciplinary hearings, HR or IR managers or practitioners, legal advisers, shop stewards, and union representatives.

For more information please contact
James van den Berg | Cell: 082 493 4499
Email: james@bafundise.co.za

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