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Translogik South Africa – Tyres, Pressures, Temperatures, Treads!!!

These are all words that often conjure up deep and dark nightmares for most fleet owners and operators. Perish the thought that a flat tyre is the cause of a valuable cargo stranded on the roadside. Damage caused by a hot tyre explosion can also be a costly exercise. How about a tyre survey, which becomes an agonising and time-consuming event, when vehicles should be on the road, but are now stuck in the yard?

Translogik – The only solution to all the aforementioned problems.
Translogik manufactures and supplies patented, technologically advanced solutions, to deal with all manner of tyre related headaches.

Passenger vehicles: Pop down to your local tyre retailer where you will be able to get an accurate electronic report on the overall condition of your tyres. Provided by email or printed format that you can take away with you, you now have a report, which you can keep on record.

Imagine being able to have all the tyre related information from your truck or bus fleet at your fingertips! A fleet manager or owner’s dream? Not with Translogik’s products. The iProbe and iTruck tools and systems, seamlessly gather and present all the information you need to make informed decisions. Reduce tyre survey times by up to 60% using the Translogik iProbe which measures the tread depth as well as pressures of your tyres.

Translogik’s iTruck TPMS system will further monitor the tyre pressures and temperatures of your fleet, LIVE. Get live data on tyre pressures and temperatures from every wheel position in your fleet, direct to your PC. The iTruck system also transmits SMS or email messages for any alert received from the system, indicating a loss of pressure or an increase in temperature, factors which are critical when it comes to passenger, cargo and driver safety as well as the savings through extended tyre life and fuel usage savings.

Safety, Production, Cost Saving. These are the words that are part of so many critical and important discussions taking place about mining operations and the future of the industry all over the world. These words are also critical to the sustainable longevity of any mining operation but to successfully combine all three is incredibly difficult. The iTrack II TPMS system can help with this. This system, in use all over the globe, has brought increased safety, increased production and significant cost savings to all mining operations where it is deployed. Translogik has been able to achieve this through advanced technologies, which again allow for the LIVE monitoring of all the operating parameters of tyres running on the mining site. Through live monitoring, tyre pressures and temperatures are closely analysed.

Let’s say a tyre starts losing pressure, alert signals are sent quickly enough so the vehicle can be ordered to return to the pad for the necessary repairs before long term damage
can occur. Or, perhaps the system generates an alert for a tyre which is running over temperature, this vehicle can be isolated in order for the tyre to cool, thus preventing a catastrophically dangerous and expensive tyre fire. Monitoring temperatures can help you discover, through high or low readings, which haul road is more, or less, demanding, thus
allowing the trucks to be rotated and extending the life of the tyres. This will lead to increases in production. iTrack2 also has advanced accelerometer sensors which allow for the measurement of forces generated by harsh acceleration and braking as well as speed and cornering. Geofencing is a useful tool to restrict speed or monitor various areas of the mine, collecting even more critical data about our site that you can use to benefit the safety and production of your mine.

Translogik, a UK based company, is a division of Transense Technologies Plc. Translogik is represented, in strategic locations worldwide, by a dedicated team of individuals who are passionate about tyres and have the necessary expertise to tailor a solution for any vehicle fleet.

Translogik, and their technical gurus, are dedicated to the continuous improvement and upgrading of their patented technologies, through innovative and intelligent use of the most advanced materials, components and software, most of which are developed in-house, for the absolute benefit and safety of the end user.

Translogik South Africa
Allister Thurman: Mobile: 082 754 0349
Email: allister.thurman@trans-logik.com
Gavin Coetzer: Mobile: 084 352 4210
Email: gavin.coetzer@trans-logik.com

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