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Hello Kiwi

The European Union's Hello Kiwi programme aim is to sell Greek kiwi fruits in major retail stores. The programme was launched in October 2015 and aims to promote kiwi fruit grown in Europe at sectorial level and informs targeted groups in terms of European Food Safety and Hygiene Standards and the Quality Characteristics of the European kiwis.

His Excellency the Greek Ambassador Mr Eleftherios Kouvaritakis from the Johannesburg Embassy commented, "Greek kiwi fruits are exported to more than 50 countries worldwide. In South Africa we have witnessed a significant increase of Greek kiwi fruit exports in recent years. From a mere 700.000 ZAR total value, to a peak of 10 million ZAR."

"According to preliminary estimations for 2017, the cultivated kiwi fruit hectares were more than 85,000 with a total expected production of 205,000 tonnes. Up until April 2017, 105,000 tonnes had already been exported," said Kouvaritakis.

The fruit growing seasons in Greece and South Africa complement each other and create mutual benefits.

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