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Philemon Motshwaedi - 30-Days Supplier Payment Update

New Payment Process

The Gauteng Department of Infrastructure Development continues to make giant strides towards ensuring that it meets the commitment of the Gauteng Provincial Government to pay 100% of received and verified
supplier invoices within 30 days.

A monthly monitoring system for its performance as a department was developed through the intervention of MEC Jacob Mamabolo to ensure that all responsible departmental officials work hard to see to the achievement of this commitment. Some of the key elements of the new payment plan include the following:
All users / officials should ensure that all invoices that are related to clients are certified or approved within five days of receipt from Finance
The responsible departmental officials must ensure that all invoices reach the Finance Branch within seven days of receipt.
For all goods and services, a GRV (RLS-02), did-Delivery Note Form and all supporting documents such as Payment Certificate on projects, should be prepared beforehand and submitted to Finance with a signature of both the service provider and the end-user.

The New Payment Process for goods and services has been adopted and implemented by the department in order to reduce the time taken to process payments.
The department had a total of 327 queries received, to the value of R201 598 185.51.
280 of those queries, to the value of R185 930 065. 69 have been successfully resolved.
47 outstanding queries, to the value of R15 668 128. 82 are still being attended to.
Drop an email to MECIS.30dayspayment@ gauteng.com to ensure payment or follow up if you have not been paid after 30 days.

Source: Infrastructure News October 2018

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