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Mining Tyres - Monitoring Is The Key To Performance And Savings

Translogik provides a range of hardware and software solutions for tyre management, tracking, data collection and fleet management focused on all segments of the tyre industry. We specialise in high-end tools and systems for demanding applications.

One of our flagship products, iTrack II, services the mining industry and is a new standard in tyre monitoring. The iTrack II Mining Tyre Monitoring System provides fast, accurate, reliable real-time data on
the condition of your tyres, combined with live tracking of vehicle location and status.

Existing iTrack users have reported increases in tyre life of up to 30% and fuel savings of up to 3%. Savings of this magnitude provide a rapid return on investment with the iTrack system paying for itself in as little as six months.

Here are a few key problems iTrack II solves:

Reduce Truck Downtime
Through our data analytics, targeted maintenance schedules can be created, thus reducing truck downtime. Early identification of air leaks and managing tyre temperatures reduces the number of premature tyre failures, which reduces the amount of tyre maintenance required.

Increased Tyre Performance
Correctly maintained tyre pressures will reduce rolling resistance, which will increase fuel efficiency and maximise tyre life.

Reduce Tyre Inspection Times
Tracking live pressures and temperatures in real-time will reduce or eliminate the need to take manual pressure checks. Improve Inflation Pressures The system calculates and displays cold inflation pressures, making it possible to inflate the tyre to the manufacturers recommended pressure whether the tyre is cold or hot.

Unrestricted 24/7 Access to Independent Live Data
Translogik are entirely independent of any tyre or truck OEM making our data objective and impartial.

Here are just a few of the features in the robust system - we hope to explore the benefits of these features in future articles but for now, here's a quick look:
On-board computer
On-truck processing
6 axis accelerometer
Advanced haul route analysis
Advanced geofencing
Unlimited zones
Global control centre
24/7 monitoring and data analytics
Real-Time temperature and pressure monitoring
Wi-Fi (MIMO)
USB port (data download)
CAN interface
MobiTrack (user interface)
Various ports for communication flexibility including Ethernet Port (RJ45), CAN port, serial port and USB port
Heat map and route analysis
In cab display (optional)
Internal UPS (12 hours)
One of the key features of the system is our data analytics. You can increase your knowledge of tyre behaviour using data analysis services. Targeted data analysis of pressures and temperatures can also be used to detect incorrect load distributions, predict suspension failures, eliminate manual tyre pressure checks and much more.

This will help you increasing health and safety, reduce vehicle maintenance and downtime and maximise the hours a truck is working. This in turn, relates to an increase in production. This previously unavailable 24/7 data also serves to improve maintenance standards and safety procedures.

We've had feedback from customers about the difference iTrack has made to their mine productivity.

"Thanks to the real-time information we now have from the iTrack system and the control this gives us, we are able to provide a safer environment for our workers, increasing the average tyre performance by about 200 hours and increasing the average time between tire incidents and failures, allowing us to increase the average speed of our trucks by more than 20%, which means that every hour using the tyres (or iTrack system) is more productive than before, allowing us to considerably increase production rates from the mine." Raúl Molina, Superintendent of Projects and Development DMH Codelco, Chile.

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