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Richard Lyon - Sales - A Profession To Be Proud Of

Where is the salesperson in this graphic? There isn't one, right.

Well, did you, as a kid, dream of one day being a proud salesperson? Nope? Frankly, in every sales workshop I conduct, I ask the question and I have still to come across anyone who actually wanted to be a
salesperson when they grew up. Isn't that amazing?

Frankly, that was the last profession I ever thought of following. I dreamt of being a teacher or a lawyer. Battling to pass Latin, killed my legal ambitions and so I studied to be a teacher.

Well guess what - I never became one!

I entered sales quite by accident as at the time I was a marketing management trainee at Total Oil Company and I had the opportunity to experience every department. Well, when I hit sales, it was WOW! A vibrant, exciting energy and meeting new people daily. I immediately realised this is for me.

Perhaps the profession holds a stigma of 'that pushy loud mouth' peddler. Whereas the truth is very different. The true sales professional is exactly that - a Professional. In fact, sales can be the most satisfying profession of all. Our key function is to care for and help our customers overcome obstacles, with
solutions that they may have never experienced or even thought of before.

Now, what can be more fulfilling then that?

Of course, there are going to those jerks we occasionally come across and rude people who just don't get the value of your offering. But hey, they are the ones losing out, not you!

Today, business management loves using all this fancy jargon of sales pipelines, sales processes and tracking how many calls you have made a day...

But the truth is, the profession is ALL about making a difference in your customer's life.

Oh, and the daily threat we hear of sellers becoming redundant as electronic ordering and all sorts of other self-help gizmos will take over the sales role from people. Garbage!

People buy from people - people who they like and trust, Period! Be sure your customers like and trust you. And that is achieved by genuinely caring for them and giving 110% every day to make them successful by supporting your superior service.

Be proud of your profession and hold your head up high. You are performing a vital service to society.

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